Our Team

Aerial View of whistler olympic center track

Our Board of Directors and Managing Director Team are experienced, passionate, and dedicated to supporting sport and the recreational community, so that Whistler Sport Legacies continues to be a centre for sports excellence.

WSL is governed by six member organizations — the members include the Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Province of BC, Squamish Nation, Lil'wat Nation, and the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Each member appoints a volunteer Director to the Board, and there are up to three Director at Large positions. There is no fixed term for a Director, and members choose who and how long a Director sits representing them. The Board ensures WSL’s mandate is achieved, and provides direction and approval of an annual Budget and Business Plan.

Todd Allison
Canadian Olympic Committee

Tyler Mosher
Canadian Paralympic Committee

Barrett Fisher
Resort Municipality of Whistler

Shane Holland
Director at Large

Doug Horswill
Province of British Columbia

Chief Dean Nelson
Lil'wat Nation

Tony Peiffer
Director at Large

(Position Vacant)
Squamish Nation

Managing Director Team

Portrait of Roger Soane

Roger Soane

President & CEO

Roger Soane is responsible for providing leadership to the organization through the Athletes’ Centre, Olympic Park and Sliding Centre divisions; and the Administration which includes Finance, Capital Assets, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources and Safety departments.

Whistler Olympic Park Daylodge Withe skiers in red
Justa Juskova

We Are Hiring

Managing Director, Whistler Olympic Park

Responsible for providing direction to Whistler Olympic Park’s Nordic Sport and Recreation activities, Guest Services, Maintenance, and Operations departments.

Portrait of Tracy Seitz

Tracy Seitz

Managing Director, Whistler Sliding Centre

Tracy Seitz is responsible for providing direction to the Whistler Sliding Centre's Track Operations, Refrigeration, and Sport & Guest Services departments.

Portrait of Christian Boone

Christian Boone

Managing Director, Whistler Athletes' Centre

Christian Boone is responsible for providing direction and leadership in the daily operations of the Whistler Athletes’ Centre.

Portrait of Deanne Downey

Deanne Downey

Managing Director, Finance

Deanne Downey is responsible for managing the Finance department, including budget development, financial reporting, accounting services, and payroll.

Portrait of Jeannine Bradshaw

Jeannine Bradshaw

Managing Director, Human Resources

Jeannine Bradshaw is responsible for managing and ensuring Human Resources initiatives and programs are current, including administration and colleague relations.

Portrait of Bruce MacMillan

Bruce MacMillan

Managing Director, Business Development

Bruce MacMillan is responsible for managing Business Development initiatives for Whistler Sport Legacies, including events and filming.