New Ski Jumping and Multi-Sport Camps at Whistler Olympic Park

Whistler, BC: Nordic skiing is not much more than quietly gliding through forests on cross-country skis… wrong! Children and youth will be able to discover the sport’s many facets in several multi-day camps this winter season at Whistler Olympic Park.

During the Christmas and Spring breaks, 3- to 5-day camps for children between 8 and 14 years will introduce participants to all the Nordic disciplines of cross-country skiing, biathlon and even ski jumping. Children can choose between multi-sport camps, which feature different Nordic sports and activities every day, and ski jumping camps, which will focus on introducing participants to this exciting sport. Convenient for busy parents, camps go from 9:00am until 3:00pm, all camps require basic ski skills (alpine or Nordic). Pricing for the 3-day camps (Christmas Break, Dec 29-31) is $120 for the multi-sport camp and $145 for the ski jumping camp. Spring Break camps cost between $160 and $225. To book or for more information click here or call 604-964-0060 x2434.

While the focus of all camps will be on developing sport-specific skills, training will be lots of fun. Skiers will spend a lot of time in the ski play area, the Nordic terrain park, a groomed area with different types of rollers, bumps, small jumps and slalom courses, uphill and downhill. Playing on this modified terrain naturally develops skills necessary for the different Nordic disciplines and builds up confidence.

“We are excited to introduce more children to Nordic sports, especially ski jumping”, says Roger Soane, President and CEO of Whistler Sport Legacies. Last spring, the Park organized four 1-day ski jumping camps which were attended by 50 children from the Sea to Sky corridor, the Lower Mainland and Vancouver. The camps are perfect for kids that like jumping on skis, be it onto rails and boxes or off tabletops on the mountain – and parents with a full schedule during the holidays. So let them try some Nordic skiing and jumping!