Bobsleigh spectators

Spectating & Sightseeing

Explore the Whistler Sliding Centre's history and legacy from the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, learn about the sliding sports and watch our athletes slide. Whether you are visiting in the summer or winter, there is no entrance fee to access the venue, sightsee and watch sliding (except during select major or third party events).

Year-round Free Public Access:
  • We are open for free sightseeing year-round (check below for our opening times during different operating seasons).
  • Make sure to pick up our venue map (available at Guest Services and in our outdoor racks), and check out the self-guided interpretive tour that leads you along the track and the final/inner loop! You will learn about the history and operation of the Whistler Sliding Centre, our sports, programs and athletes. Stand on the podium, see the Olympic rings, take a photo in a bobsleigh and walk around the famous Thunderbird Corner to the finish dock!
  • The public areas along the track are stroller/wheelchair friendly, however in the winter may be impacted due to weather/snow events.
Current access hours (April 10 to June 30, 2023):
  • Access to our public areas for sightseeing is available & free, Mondays through Fridays, 9:00am to 4:00pm.
  • After the conclusion of the winter season (April 9), there are no on-track sliding operations until July 1.
  • Grab a map outside Guest Services and take the self-interpretive tour!
  • Starting on July 1, we will have wheeled sleds on track (public Summer Bobsleigh as well as luge athletes who train on wheeled sleds), access hours will differ slightly during the summer season.
Sightseeing/Spectating During On-Ice Season (October to Mid April:
  • From mid October to mid April we are sliding on ice, and free sightseeing and spectating is available during scheduled sliding times! Check for hours and weekly track schedule here closer during the season. Do not miss the unique chance to experience luge, bobsleigh and skeleton up close!
  • Access to the Guest Services building with washrooms and a small shop with snacks and merchandise is available on sliding days.
  • During your visit, please stay out of the track at all times/do not climb or lean over the railings, do not use flash photography as that distracts the athletes, and make sure you keep dogs on leash at all times! You can find more safety information below.
  • Please choose footwear according to weather/winter conditions as walkways may be slippery.
  • The public areas along the track are generally stroller/wheelchair friendly, however in the winter may be impacted due to weather/snow events.
  • Note that in certain weather conditions, the shades along the track need to be closed to protect the ice, however the track crew always tries to open some for spectating in the public areas.
Sightseeing / Self guided tour


    Safety & Wildlife Awareness:

    • Stay out of the sliding track at all times, do not climb on railings around the track, do not lean into the track, do not drop/throw items into the track.
    • Flash photography of athletes in track is not permitted.
    • Be aware that areas around the track can be steep and slippery, so appropriate footwear is advised
    • Dogs must be on leash at all times!
    • Do not disturb wildlife, stay away if you encounter a bear & DO NOT FEED Wildlife! 

    Read more important information on wildlife/bear interactions at the Sliding Centre and general safety advise here.

    Try our activities and support our athletes!

    While you are at the Whistler Sliding Centre, try Passenger BobsleighPublic Skeleton (winter months, December until March) or Summer Bobsleigh (June/July until September), or sign your child up for one of our youth programs! With your participation in our programs you will not only experience a unique adrenaline rush, but you will also help our sliding athletes, because the revenue generated through public sliding goes directly to the sport and helps keeping training costs for athletes low. All public programs run rain, snow or shine, so it’s the perfect addition to your time in Whistler!

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