Guests taking part in an 'Experience Biathlon' lesson


+++ Available again in winter 2021/22 +++

Ski fast, shoot straight, that’s what the Olympic sport of biathlon is all about. In a test of speed and skill, the dual winter sport combines the exhilaration of cross country skiing with the marksmanship of target shooting. Experience it for yourself with one of our unique biathlon lessons this winter. It’ll hook you right from the start. “Mark” our words.

Whistler Olympic Park offers biathlon lessons for all levels - find out below which one's the one for you!

Our enthusiastic biathlon instructors are experienced and knowledgeable in rifle safety, marksmanship and cross country skiing, and are eager to share their knowledge with guests.

To request more information on what the ideal lesson type would be for you, contact us via email or call 604-964-0059.

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