Cross country ski and snowshoe rentals

Ski & Snowshoe Rentals

Classic and skate skis, snowshoes, chariots & more

Our rental shop in the Day Lodge provides you with everything you need for a great Nordic snow day, from classic or skate ski equipment to snowshoes! We also offer chariot child carriers for skiing. Daily or full season rentals are available.

To book your rentals, follow the links below. For further information, call 604-964-0059, or contact us via email!

Daily Rental Pricing 2021/22

A Daily Rental provides you with everything you need to enjoy a day of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing! Choose from classic or skate skiing, or change it up during the day. The rental package for cross-country skiing includes skis, poles and boots. A pair of snowshoes will have you out and about on our picturesque trails, all you need is some warm, waterproof shoes (if you don't have them, overboots are available for rent to keep your feet dry!)

Book your rentals online ahead of your visit (see link below). For same day rentals, you can simply walk-in and visit the shop on the day of your visit!

daily rental pricing 2021/22




(65+, weekdays)




(6 & under)

Classic / Skate Skiing Packages

- Includes skis, boots & poles; individual items available at shop; switch to snowshoes possible

$33 $23 $18 $11

Classic/Skate Equipment together with any lesson

- Equipment can be used for full day, before, during & after the lesson; switch to snowshoes possible

$15 $15 $15 $10
Snowshoes $15 $13 $10 $10

snowshoe Poles / OverBoots

- walk-in rentals only


Chariot Child Carriers or ski attachment

- 2hr rental
- walk-in rentals only


* Listed prices do not include tax.

Full Season Rental Pricing 2021/22

A great way to have an entire fleet of gear to choose from at any time, throughout the season! Although all equipment must remain on Whistler Olympic Park property, while at the Park you can interchange between classic skiing, skate skiing or snowshoe packages.

full season pricing 2021/22*






(6 & under)

Full Season Rental

- interchangeable between classic/skate/snowshoe throughout season

$279 $199 $109

* Listed prices do not include tax.

Full Season Rental FAQs

how do full season rentals work?

A Full Season Rental is a great option for those who require rentals regularly throughout the winter season. Guests with Full Season Rentals can switch between classic, skate or snowshoes at any time for no additional cost. Once a pass is purchased, guests can reserve their eqipment ahead of time online (not available on the same day) and pick up their rentals from outside the Rental Shop in the designated Full Season Rentals area. All rental equipment must be returned each day by the relevant closing time.

Can I take my full season rental equipment home during the season?

No. All equipment must remain on site and be returned to the Rental Shop each day (4:00 pm for weekdays/weekends, 8:30 pm for applicable Wednesday Nights). Fees may apply for late returns.

How do I reserve my Full Season Rentals ahead of time?

Reservations for Full Season Rental passes can be made online during the season. Please note, reservations close each evening for the following day. If you require rentals and haven’t made a reservation before this deadline, simply visit the Rental Shop on the day and staff will assist you to collect your equipment.

  1. Please ensure you have filled out a Liability Waiver for the 2021/22 season.
  2. Follow the link to our online store in the link button above.
  3. You will be prompted to log in to your online account. Please ensure you are the PRIMARY guest (this is generally the individual who purchased for themselves or their family members).
  4. Under ‘Available Benefits’, select the name of the guest you wish to reserve equipment for. Please note: if you do not see the correct guest in this field, please contact our Guest Services team on 604-964-0059 during operating hours for assistance, or leave a message after hours for us to get back to you.
  5. Click on the image for ‘Full Season Rental Reservation’ and then ‘Buy Now’.
  6. Use the calendar to select the date you require your rentals, and under ‘Select Event’, click ‘Reserve Now’.
  7. Choose between Classic, Skate or Snowshoe.
  8. Confirm guest and rental sizing information, and check out! Your equipment will be put aside by our team on the morning of the selected date for your collection.

If you experience any issues through this process, please contact our friendly Guest Services team for assistance by calling 604-964-0059 during operating hours.

Where do I collect my reserved equipment from?

Your reserved equipment will be available for pick-up at any time on your reservation date from outside the exit door of the Whistler Olympic Park Rental Shop (located downstairs in the Day Lodge). If you do not see your equipment in this area, please speak to one of our staff for assistance. Equipment needs to be returned to the same area each day (4:00 pm for weekdays/weekends, 8:30 pm for applicable Wednesday Nights).

Can I switch my equipment during the day?

Yes! Guests with Full Season Rentals can switch between classic, skate or snowshoes at any time for no additional cost. Please visit the Rental Shop and speak to a staff member for assistance if you wish to switch up equipment during the day.

Whistler Olympic Park Ski & Snowshoe Rental Shop
Beginner to expert, children's and adults' sizes

Rental fleet

All of the ski fleet at Whistler Olympic Park’s rental shop work on the NNN binding system. Our variety of Rossignol skis have the ability to enhance performance of intermediate skiers and help establish a great foundation for beginner skiers. Rossignol ski boots are available from toddler size (16.5cm) to US men's size 16.

Our Tubbs Snowshoes are likewise great for the avid adventurer and the first-time snowshoer. They are available in appropriate sizing for children approximately age 5 and older, youth/women and men.