Whistler Sliding Centre Control Tower

This Week on Track

Welcome to the Whistler Sliding Centre!

We are open and sliding on ice from October 13, 2022 to mid April 2023. Last day of the season April 9! Spectating and sightseeing is free during scheduled sliding times!

Track Schedule

Spectating & sIGHTSEEING


Public access for spectating & sightseeing is free during scheduled sliding times (see schedule above)! Access to the Guest Services building with washrooms and a small shop with snacks and merchandise is available from 9:00am to 6:30pm on sliding days.

Grab a map at Guest Services, take the free self-guided interpretive tour and watch our athletes slide!




Luge, skeleton & bobsleigh sport programming for all skill levels is available from October to March. The programs are finished for 2022/23, but we'll be back next winter. Learn to slide with us!


ON-ICE ATHLETE TRAINING & COMPETITION October 13, 2022 through to mid April 2023. Check track schedule (link at the top) for session details, and the calendar for upcoming events!

For any questions or to confirm the most up to date track schedule, please contact Guest Services, by phone 604-964-0040 or by email.