Public Skeleton at Whistler Sliding Centre

Novice Skeleton School

Youth and adults (ages 14+) that want to acquire the in-depth skills needed to race on a skeleton sled can enroll in one of our multi-session Novice Skeleton Schools. These are held monthly from November to March. Schools include four sessions, one day per week over the period of one month.

During the novice program, the basic skills needed to steer a skeleton sled are taught in the classroom and practiced on the ice. Over the course of the four sessions, athletes develop and refine their skills as they move to higher start heights on the track.

Successful completion of a Novice Skeleton School allows athletes to join the Sliding Development Centre's training camps, where athletes further refine their skills and eventually move to the top of the Whistler track.

General Program Info
Who Individuals aged 14 and up (no previous experience needed).
Must be physically fit and meet certain health and safety requirements.

Programs start monthly from November 2020 to March 2021.

A Novice School includes four sessions, held weekly on the same weekday in four consecutive weeks

Registration, cost & more info

Contact Sally Bennett, Sport Manager, by email or phone at 604-964-0044 for any further questions and to register!

Cost includes use of a skeleton sled and helmet.

Whistler Sliding Centre 4910 Glacier Lane
Whistler BC V8E 0C2