Cross country ski and snowshoe rentals


Cross-country skis, snowshoes, toboggans, chariots & more

Our rental shop in the Day Lodge provides you with everything you need for a great Nordic snow day, from classic or skate ski equipment to snowshoes! We also offer chariot child carriers, helmets, toboggans and more for all ages. Please call 604-964-0059 or email us to request more information.

With our skiing packages, it is possible to switch your rental equipment during the day! Grab classic or skate skis in the morning and switch to snowshoes in the afternoon.

Day Rental Pricing 2019/20 (rounded to nearest dollar, excl. tax)





(65+, weekdays)




(6 & under)

Classic / Skate Skiing Packages

(Includes skis, boots & poles; individual items available; switch to snowshoes possible)

$31 $20 $18 $10

Classic/Skate Equipment together with any lesson

(Equipment can be used for full day, before, during & after the lesson; switch to snowshoes possible)

$15 $15 $15 ---
Snowshoes $16 $10 $14 $10
Poles / OverBoots $5

Chariot Child Carriers or ski attachment

(2hr rental)


Toboggan / sled and/or helmet

(limited availability)

Free with credit card deposit

Listed prices are rounded to the nearest dollar and do not include tax. A valid credit card is required for deposit.

Did you know that if you book a cross country ski or biathlon lesson, you only pay $15 for your rentals?

Pricing Full Season Rental 2019/20 (excl. tax)

A great way to have an entire fleet of gear to choose from at any time! Although all equipment must remain on Whistler Olympic Park property, while at the Park you have the ability to interchange between classic skiing, skate skiing or snowshoe packages throughout the season. A wonderful option for those who are still growing or have not fully decided what Nordic discipline to specialize in.





(7-18 yrs)


(6 & under)

Full Season Rental

(interchangeable between classic/skate/snowshoe throughout season)

$250 $180 $90
Whistler Olympic Park Ski & Snowshoe Rental Shop
Beginner to expert, children's and adults' sizes

Rental Fleet

All of the ski fleet at Whistler Olympic Park’s rental shop work on the NNN binding system. Our variety of Rossignol skis have the ability to enhance performance of intermediate skiers and help establish a great foundation for beginner skiers. Rossignol ski boots are available from toddler size (16.5cm) to US men's size 16.

Our Atlas Snowshoes are likewise great for the avid adventurer and the first-time snowshoer. They are available in appropriate sizing for children approximately age 5 and older, youth/women and men.