Backcountry / Touring Access

Whistler Olympic Park is as central as it gets for backcountry users and wilderness explorers for destinations such as Hanging Lake, Beverley Creek or the summits of Rainbow or Sproatt Mountain... well beyond the Park’s network of groomed cross-country trails.

Pick up a backcountry access ticket at the front gate and begin your self-supported adventure. Users assume all backcountry risk upon entering. Whistler Olympic Park provides access for day trips only, no overnight parking.

Emergency Contact Information:
  • During Whistler Olympic Park’s operating hours: Call 1-778-228-4586 (Ski Patrol)
  • After operating hours:  Call 911

Backcountry Access Guidelines & Recommendations

  • Whistler Olympic Park only provides access to backcountry, we are not responsible for safety of persons using backcountry. Users enter upon own risk. Access for daytrips only, no overnight parking.
  • Purchase a backcountry access admission ($15.25/vehicle) at the gatehouse (no fee for backcountry users with a Ski Callaghan season pass) if you are entering the backcountry through Whistler Olympic Park.
  • Display a valid/filled out Backcountry User Dashboard Permit in your car (link above). This is essential for your personal safety and required for all backcountry users, whether using Whistler Olympic Park’s day parking lots or the overnight parking lot at Alexander Falls. Either download the permit (link above) or get one in our Day Lodge. In the event that the owner of a vehicle cannot be located, the Park will contact the RCMP who will in turn contact the appropriate search-and-rescue organizations.
  • Access the backcountry trailheads from the designated inbound trails only (check our trail map). Backcountry signage is posted on the inbound trails to help navigate toward the backcountry access points.
  • Important: DO NOT ACCESS either trail head by touring up the side of the ski jump or through the snowmobile access road. Although these two areas have been recommended in guidebooks as access routes, they are dangerous areas due to avalanche hazards and the movement of machinery.
  • Park in the appropriate parking area in accordance with your trek plan/schedule. Especially note the daytrip/after hours differentiation:
  • Park inside Whistler Olympic Park (Biathlon Parking) when you plan on completing your trek within the Park's opening hours (9:00am on weekdays/8:30am on weekends until 4:30pm/9:00pm on Wednesdays mid-winter, full hours of operation here). Display the dashboard permit in your car (link above).
  • Parking recommendations inside the Park (daytrips ONLY): Hanging Lake trailhead: Biathlon Parking; Beverley Creek trailhead: Biathlon Parking. Also check our trail map for the best parking locations for your trip.
  • In the event that the owner of a vehicle parked within Whistler Olympic Park cannot be located after closing time (4.30pm), the Park will contact the RCMP who will in turn contact the appropriate search-and-rescue organizations. Vehicles left within the Park after hours will be towed at the owner's expense.
Overnight/early/late trips:
  • If you anticipate that your trek may extend past regular hours of operation, please park outside the main gate in the overnight lot at Alexander Falls Recreation Site/800 meters below the WOP ticket booth. Make sure you have purchased a ticket for using Whistler Olympic Park’s trails to access the trailheads and downloaded a dashboard permit (link above) before leaving home.

Please contact us (email or phone 604-964-0059) with questions on accessing the backcountry through Whistler Olympic Park.