Know Before You Go - School Programs

Your trip is confirmed! To prepare for your trip, see information for teachers and parents below.

For Teachers

Booking Confirmation
  1. Review trip dates and times, classes / student numbers, chaperone numbers, and fees estimate
  2. Review booking policies and payment. Be aware of your booking obligations: Changes, Cancellations, No Shows, Payment Due on Arrival
  3. Review our Know Before You Go information
  4. Divide all students on your trip into groups of 10 (approximately) based on skill level, instructors provided on a 1:10 ratio. Send groupings to us 3 weeks in advance of your trip.
How to determine skier skill level

Provide parents with our handy skier info sheet attached to your confirmation email. Ask them to indicate their child’s ability level. We use 4 levels:

  • Never-Ever – Brand new to skiing or snow sports. Show me the way!
  • Beginner – has cross country skied at least 3 – 5 times with school or family, stays on beginner terrain – green trails/flats and low grade hills.
  • Intermediate – has cross country skied more than 5 times, or is a confident alpine skier. Prefers to stay on intermediate terrain green/blue trails, moderate rolling hills.
  • Advanced – has cross country skied many times, either in a Club program or with family/friends. Comfortable skiing on intermediate/advanced terrain blue/black trails with steeper hills. Let’s Race!

Intermediate and advanced alpine skiers often transition easily into cross country skiing. If a child is an experienced alpine skier we recommend classifying them as an intermediate cross country skier their first time out.

Divide students into ski groups (Instructional Programs Only)

For ski trips with WOP instructors put all students into groups of 10 (approximately) based on skill level. It is acceptable to have groups of 11 or 12 students if needed. Instructors are booked on a 1:10 ratio based on your overall numbers. If you are bringing 50 students we will provide 5 instructors.

At present, we cannot guarantee guides for school snowshoe programs. We will address guided snowshoe inquiries on a case by case basis. 

confirm Itinerary

Please advise of arrival and departure times so staff can plan accordingly. Arriving late or departing early will decrease time on snow. Instructional programs start at 9:30 or 10:00 am and end at 1:30 or 2:00 pm. Students typically spend 1 - 1.5 hours on snow in the morning, followed by lunch in the Day Lodge mid-day. After lunch, elementary school ski groups will combine for ski play, trail skiing, or ski orienteering activities; high-school groups will participate in their second activity (where applicable). You are welcome to continue skiing on your own after your program ends. WOP closes at 4:30 pm.


Stop at the gate and identify your group - provide student / chaperone numbers to staff. Proceed to parking lot 3 (signs for “P3”). Buses can park in the loop by the day lodge. Wait on the bus for a staff member to greet you. Students will be sent into the lodge in their ski groups with an instructor.  

Upon arrival at the Day Lodge send one representative to complete field trip payment at Guest Services. Pay Whistler Cooks separately for lunch orders, our staff can direct you to a Whistler Cooks representative to finalize your order. 

One instructor will meet with all chaperones by the stairs to discuss the plan for the day.

Elementary Schools

Whistler Cooks, our on-site food service provider, offers a lunch package to elementary grades. An order form with pricing and menu options has been included on the bottom of the skier info sheet attached to your school’s confirmation email. If your school is interested in this program, submit orders with your skier groups to our WOP Programs email

High Schools

On your trip day, students may purchase select menu items (soups, chilli, sandwiches) from Whistler Cooks. Some menu items take longer to prepare, please let us know how many students would like to buy lunch. 

ToBogganing, snowshoeIng, and custom trips

We recommend the same clothing and personal items for both of these activities, see “What to Wear/Bring” below. If you have booked a toboggan trip – snow sport helmets are required. WOP helmets and toboggans are free to borrow, first come first serve, limited supply – students are encouraged to bring their own.

Pre- / Post-Trip resources
Ski Play

At Whistler Olympic Park our lessons focus on developing physical literacy by combining traditional cross country ski drills with games and experiential learning on trail. Our ski playground is a designated area with varied terrain features developed to encourage learning to ski naturally. Check out our ski play area before your trip! Click here to view.

Physical Literacy

Article by Michelle Deacon, Linkedin, NCCP CCI and CC Coach Developer, CANSI Level III Cross Country Ski Instructor:

For Parents

What should participants wear / bring?

Dress for the weather, we recommend:

  • Light snow pants
  • Warm jacket
  • 2 (light) pairs of gloves or mittens
  • A (light) toque
  • Waterproof layer for rainy/snowy days
  • Comfortable clothing, layers of synthetic or wool blends – allows moisture and sweat to evaporate and adjust temperature as the body warms up and cools down while skiing.
  • Avoid cotton (including jeans), it absorbs and holds moisture.
Personal Items
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks / lunch
  • Personal medicine
  • DO NOT bring valuables.
  • Students can bring their own cross country ski gear – program fees help cover instructional costs and will not be reduced for those with personal gear.
First Aid

Whistler Olympic Park Ski Patrol provides first aid services.

Retail & café Purchases

All guests are welcome to purchase items from the Day Lodge café or retail shop. Please see our Lunch program information above for food and beverage services. 

Get Involved in Nordic Skiing, Biathlon, or Ski jumping

Whistler Olympic Park and local Nordic clubs organize seasonal programming for cross-country, biathlon, and ski jumping!

Whistler Olympic Park hosts its own multi-sport camps during Christmas and Spring Break, along with multi-sport programs on some Pro-D days. Multi-sport programs may include Nordic skiing, biathlon, ski jumping, snowshoeing, and/or tobogganing. For more information about programs, please click here or email us.

Please contact your local Nordic club for club program or racing information: