Booking Your Field Trip

We encourage schools to book multiple classes with varying grades on the same trip to maximize use of our rental fleet. If your school is seeking dates for multiple classes, we recommend using 1 staff member as a primary point of contact.

To ensure effective communication, we will not confirm bookings until all teacher contacts are provided for a group.

Include the following information with your request/inquiry:
  • Preferred & alternate dates
  • Preferred arrival time (9:30 or 10:00 am – can be adjusted)
  • Program type: e.g. elementary ski program, with instructors (indicate if classic or skate ski preferred)
  • Number of students & grade(s)
  • Contact information: School name, teacher in charge and names/emails for all staff attending

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Important Information

Booking Period

Our first round of bookings will take place September 9 to October 15. During this window we prioritize schools in the Sea to Sky region. After October 15 bookings will be open to all schools/districts. If you are requesting 2 dates for the same class(es) we will contact you after October 15 if additional dates are available. Trips are reserved on a first come first serve basis. We do not take provisional bookings, however, if a request is received before September we will make note of the request and contact you when bookings open.

New to our programs? Book a site visit prior to your trip! Contact us to arrange.

Group size

Our rental fleet can support 70 – 80 students per day. We recommend booking 2 - 3 classes per trip.


Tickets and rentals will be provided to 1 chaperone for every 10 students plus a floater. Additional tickets/rentals will be provided to educational assistants (EA) providing 1:1 support. See Policies and Payment below for more details.

Example: 50 students booked, 6 chaperone tickets and rentals will be provided + tickets/rentals for 1:1 supports

Accessibility & Inclusion

Contact us to discuss any accessibility needs/barriers to students and ways we can support.

Booking confirmation

When your trip is confirmed, a booking confirmation will be sent to all contacts provided. Upon receiving this email:

  1. Review trip dates and times, classes / student numbers, chaperone numbers, and fees estimate
  2. Review our booking policies and payment. Be aware of your booking obligations: Changes, Cancellations, No Shows, Payment Due on Arrival
  3. Review our Know Before You Go information
  4. Divide all students on your trip into groups of 10 based on skill level, instructors provided on a 1:10 ratio. Send groupings to us 3 weeks in advance of your trip.

Policies & Payment


We provide instructors on a 1:10 ratio for ski programs


To ensure a student focused learning environment, chaperones need to have the same or greater skiing ability as their assigned student group. A chaperone is a teacher, parent/guardian, or educational assistant (EA). Tickets and rentals are free for chaperones on a 1:10 ratio plus a floater. Additional tickets/rentals will be provided to EA’s providing 1:1 support. In return, we ask that chaperones help us in the following areas:

  • Assist students in the rental shop with equipment pick-up/return.
  • Ski with a group and help supervise students during on-snow activities; escort students back to the day lodge for washroom breaks or other needs. Chaperones who are not skiing may only walk on ski trails in designated areas. 
  • Supervise students during lunch.
Extra Adults

We encourage adult participation, however ticket and rental fees apply for extra chaperones on skis (tickets are $25.28 and rentals are $29.75 per person, inclusive of taxes. This is 15% off our regular rates). Please indicate in the weeks prior to your trip if extra adults are paying for themselves or if fees should be added to your school's invoice.


A quote will be provided when confirming your trip. Payment is due upon arrival. One payment per group - please pay by credit card or cheque made out to Whistler Sport Legacies. If paying by pre-issued cheque, we will not refund the difference if numbers reduce day-of. If a cheque is the incorrect amount we can invoice for outstanding fees post-trip.    

Season passes will not be accepted for students, we will accept season passes for additional chaperones.

changes/cancellations/no shows
Change of Date

Due to high demand we are unable to change dates once a booking is confirmed.

Change to Group Size

We understand that not all students can attend and numbers fluctuate. Contact us as soon as possible if there are significant changes to group size. We require 2 weeks notice if your numbers have reduced by 20% or more. If we are not notified before or within this window, 100% of the original booking value applies.

For staffing purposes we cannot increase numbers for groups of 60+ once a booking is confirmed. For groups less than 60 we can increase group size by 10% with 2 weeks notice.

  • More than 2 weeks notice - no penalty.
  • Less than 2 weeks, schools will be charged for 50% of the confirmed group size.
  • No Show – 100% of original booking value applies
extreme weather / road conditions / unforEseen events

Cancellations made by WOP or as a result of bus cancellations / highway closures will NOT be penalized.

Contact us prior to your trip if you are considering cancelling due to extreme cold. Fees may apply if we are notified last minute / day of. WOP remains open during rain or cold weather events. Our staff are prepared with contingency plans to facilitate programs in variable weather. The Callaghan Valley can experience different warming/cooling patterns in comparison to Whistler/Squamish – check our Weather web page page for current conditions. Some schools choose to come despite the cold, therefore extreme cold cancellations are at the discretion of the school in consult with Whistler Olympic Park. In the event of extreme cold, we recommend following Cross Country BC’s cold weather policy for event cancellations. Temperature is what will be expected/measured at program start time, start time may be delayed if warming is predicted.

  • -15°C cancel event for age 12 & under
  • -20°C cancel event for age 13 & up