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Luge Sport Programs

Whistler Sliding Development Centre

Luge sport programs are offered for ages 8 and up, and include introductory one-time "Discover" sessions, full-season novice and advanced training in the winter/on-ice season, as well as year-round high performance training options. At this point, no on-ice luge programming is available for adults.

Within the BC Sliding Development Centre, a clear learning pathway and experienced staff lead children and youth through their progression levels. Meet our sliding coaches!

More information about participation in our programs is available in our athlete handbook. All programs follow a clear athlete pathway, and coaches follow a development pathway as laid out by the national federation.

For any questions, contact the sport team by phone at 604-964-0044 or by email.

Check out our program options for luge below!

Discover Luge

This one-session introductory sport program lets children and youth (ages 8-14) get a taste of the Olympic winter sport of luge by sliding down the track on their own sled!

Venue: Whistler Sliding Centre

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Seasonal Novice Luge Program

Children and youth (ages 10+) that want to pick up luge as a weekly activity can sign up for the Seasonal Novice Luge Program. Participants can train one to four times per week. Consistent coaching support ensures progression and skill development. Available from November to March.

Venue: Whistler Sliding Centre

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Development Luge Program

This program is open for youth (ages 13-14) that want to progress in the sport of luge. The program is designed as a full-year curriculum, with up to five coached training sessions per week through the winter season and a summer training component.

Venue: Whistler Sliding Centre

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