Beginner Ski Jumping and Multi-Sport Programming available at Whistler Olympic Park this Winter Season

Whistler – Ski jumping sounds like a daunting activity that only experts can do – but it’s not! This winter season, Whistler Olympic Park is offering entry-level programming for children and youth that are interested in trying out the exciting sport. The program will be run on the newly constructed and beginner-friendly 20 and 40 meter hills next to the big Olympic ski jumps.

The program is geared towards girls and boys between 8 and 14 years with intermediate/advanced downhill or cross-country skiing abilities. Qualified coaches will guide participants through a progression of dryland and on-snow skills, from their first attempts of skiing down the landing hill and doing small terrain jumps to their first real jumps from the 20 meter junior hill. Four youth programs are scheduled for January, February and early March, each including four three-hour sessions on successive Saturday or Sunday afternoons (12:30 - 3:30pm). Programs start on January 9, 10, February 12 and 13. Participants who want to get a taste of the sport before committing to the four-session program can attend the first session as a ‘trial’. Cost for the multi-session program is $180, plus valid Whistler Olympic Park day tickets or season pass (participants qualify for the ‘Youth Sport Season Pass’ for only $25).

Those that don’t feel ready yet to go off the jumps, can sign up for new multi-sport programs this winter which are geared towards beginners. In multiple full-day sessions (9:30am - 3:30pm), children and youth between 7 and 12 years that have no prior skiing experience will get a taste of all Nordic disciplines without having to commit to a full-season program. The programs are a great introduction to snow activities such as cross-country skiing, biathlon, ski and snow play, snowshoeing, sledding and basic ski jumping, and an important step for children and youth in developing snow literacy. Programs are available either as three- or four-day holiday camps (during Christmas and Spring Break), or as four-session programs on successive Saturdays or Sundays in January and February. Program cost is $160 for the four full-day sessions on weekends, or $150 for the three-day/$200 for the four-day holiday camps.

More information on all programs and booking is available here, by phone at 604 964 0060 ext. 2434 or by email.