Trail Info

Ski Conditions for March  2015

  • Skiing is available on the Upper Callaghan Country Trails (15km) ONLY. Check the trail conditions & opening hours daily from Friday - Tuesday (closed Wednesday & Thursday) here.
  • Access through Callaghan Country gate up Mainline and all upper Ski Callaghan trails on the Callaghan Lake side of the valley including Parkway, Meadows Loop, Upper Wild Spirit and Solitude Loop.
  • The Whistler Olympic Park trail system & Day Lodge are now CLOSED (as of Monday March 16, 2015). No rental, retail, lessons and food service available at Whistler Olympic Park.
  • A free truck shuttle will transport skiers from the Callaghan Country Base to the snowline every Saturday and Sunday only.
  • We hope to maintain these trails until Easter Monday April 6, 2015.
  • The Extra Early Bird sale for season passes began Tuesday, March 17. Adult passes are available for $300. In recognition of their loyalty and patience throughout this challenging winter, 2014/2015 season pass holders will receive a $50 discount on next season’s Extra Early Bird Season Pass (discount for adult passes only, $250 rate valid if purchased by September 20).

The interactive trail map is updated every 5 minutes: Click your web browser's refresh button to see the most current image. Grooming status is indicated with bright green for fresh grooming , changing to orange for over 24hrs and red in two days.