Trail Info

Ski Callaghan is closed for the season. See you in November!

​Plan ahead for next season: Extra Early Bird Season Passes are now on sale for 2015/2016. Adult passes are available for $300. In recognition of their loyalty and patience throughout this challenging winter, 2014/2015 season pass holders will receive a $50 discount on next season’s Extra Early Bird Season Pass (discount for adult passes only, $250 rate valid if purchased by September 20).

The interactive map below show's Ski Callaghan's extensive cross-country ski trail network. During the ski season, the trails' grooming status is indicated with bright green for fresh grooming , orange for trails groomed over 24hrs ago and red for groomed over two days ago. The map is updated every 5 minutes in winter, so click your web browser's refresh button to see the most current image.